A Moment in Ha’rt Gallery

It was Friday afternoon. Mosman cafes were crowded with patrons sitting under the warm Aussie sun on a cold winter’s day and enjoying hot chocolate.  I was lucky to park and get out of my Jaguar, few minutes away from an art gallery. Nafisa owns the gallery called Ha’rt Matters.

I have known Nafisa for over a year. It was in 2016, I was privileged to meet her at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) Annual Gala Night.  Her work displayed at the venue that night was a wonderful array of vibrant colors. Nafisa told me how she has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas.


Art Gallery of NSW stated on their update on Nafisa for her painting of Glenn A Baker that she was born in Mumbai, India and ‘Nafisa is a full-time artist living in Sydney. She has exhibited work in over 100 group shows and won over 50 awards and commendations including the First Prize (Gold Medal) at the 2007 Florence Biennale. She has been a finalist the Dobell Prize for Drawing, the Blake Prize for Religious Art and in numerous portrait prizes including the Portia Geach Memorial Award. She won the 2008 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.’

Nafisa Naomi

Australian Artist Nafisa Naomi

My mother who was a painter herself always played with colors that used to create a world of their own, where I loved to get lost for hours if not for days.

Finally this time I got to attend Nafisa’s gallery, where the work included one of her most recently awarded paintings for the Archibald 2010 which was her portrait of rock historian Glenn A. Baker.   As I made my way through the gallery, I found each of the paintings spoke and connected to me infinitely. As I took a closer look, Nafisa said, “I have created this painting with scrapings done with a razor blade.”


As I moved to her other painting which are more colorful and they certainly reflect life on this planet. Her masterstrokes created a world where human, wild life and Australian flora and fauna have all come to exist peaceful in their true colors. My favorite was the elephant painting. Just looking at the painting, I felt the elephant eyes gave me a certain message of a world where they like to live peacefully without human interference.

I was more than delighted to learn her artistic work she has currently undertaking to support conservation of tiger across Asia. An artist and a conservationist is a rarity in itself.  Every room in the gallery was a treasure trove of Nafisa’s artistic expressions. And I left the gallery with my heart content and Nafisa’s creation washed away the dust of my everyday life and I kept on thinking how correct was Pablo Picasso, when he said,” Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’…


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