Rendezvous with Art Dubai

Art Dubai 2015 is like the Christmas of art season in Dubai. Even the most ardent of non-believers let themselves drift in the brewing excitement. Set in the perfect backdrop of sunny Souk Madinat, Jumeirah….Dubai added its own glamorous touch to the world of art. Under the polished lights of Maserati (everything that glitters might be art) men and women of all ages and beliefs mingled together in creative unison…even the kids followed suit.

Ctrl. Alt. Dxb got its artsy game on and put on the fanciest pair of pants it could find. Because you ought to be dressed well when you are about to go on a trip around the world. With around 90 participating galleries from the UAE and the world, across three programs: Contemporary; Modern, (devoted to masters from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia) and Marker (a curated section of art spaces that focuses each year on a particular theme or geography.)…Art Dubai had a little bit for everyone, especially a lot for the uninitiated. From Tokyo to New York, a small stop to chat at Beirut, a rendezvous at Paris, there was art for everyone and from everywhere. Plays of shadow and light, Mexican typography, acrylic on canvas, ink on paper and multimedia art. Like Descartes once said, the idea of art is not to understand it from the point of view of the artist but to add your own perspective to it. Which is what we did, experienced it all, lost ourselves in time warps with paintings only to come out of it panicking that our friends have strolled away…found them again, smoked cigarettes in the winter sun, said hi and kissed cheeks of no one; we like to think we are culture ghosts of this town.

Whoever said Art is for adults? This was possibly our favorite part of the event. All the activities it had packed in for the kids.  We found budding curators and art connoisseurs huddling together, getting their first slice at the understanding creativity. And while someone pointed out people in a painting that showed none, someone ran into a rug full of balls. Technically, it was a piece of art but to the pretty little girl, the idea of running into a world of balls (pun not intentionally intended) must have been exciting. Knees bruised, lungs huffing and puffing, mommy scolding later, she sat nearby as she held tightly to one of the pieces the curator gave her. Her peers were running around, clicking pictures of works they liked. Because, that is art, an experience for the soul…not a conversation starter for your next cocktail party.


Art Week
Art Dubai is part of Art Week, an umbrella initiative that showcases the broad programme of cultural events that now coincide with the fair each March, the most dynamic time in the UAE’s cultural calendar.

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