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Art is the Language of Love, which brings together various cultures and communities. Tashkeel is an independent contemporary art organisation based in Dubai committed to facilitating exactly such creative experimentation and cross-cultural dialogue. Established in 2008 by Lateefa bint Maktoum,Tashkeel supports the UAE’s creative community through studio facilities, artists’ residencies, international fellowships, a programme of exhibitions, events as well as recreational workshops.

Presenting the first solo exhibition by Dominika Durtan, a Polish born designer, artist and Photographer, Tashkeel is showings its support for artists that work and live in the UAE region. The works include watercolour paintings and sculptures inspired by the urban city landscape of Dubai.

Dominika, moved to Dubai from New York almost four years ago. Her art work is a reinterpretation of her visual surroundings and experiences. According to Dominika, “Europe and US, especially NY, as an art scene is of course very sophisticated and well established. In my opinion and in comparison, Dubai’s emerging art scene is a very exciting ground for exploration for both, emerging artists and art collectors. Dubai is a vibrant crossroad of many cultures. This growth and development is happening in front of our eyes every day and everywhere in Dubai.”



In “Explorations in Watercolour and Beyond”, her debut exhibition, Duran explores a variety of concepts through media of watercolour and sculpture, separated in three distinct micro shows.

The ‘Urban Landscapes” section is made up of a collection of watercolour paintings inspired by the architecture of modern Dubai. Using geometric forms and a sensitive colour palette, Duran captures easily identifiable cultural elements, retaining both the authenticity and content of her subjects. These artworks see the artist experiment with scale and modular compositions.

The second part of the exhibition ‘Landscape with Argonauts’ is a collection of experimental abstract watercolour paintings influenced by musical compositions by German composer Heiner Goebbels. Durtan states,”these abstract artworks could be the result of chromesthesia – where sounds are depicted via colours.” She further describes these pieces as, “simultaneous landscapes since they capture a moment in time when reality and dream are merging. These works are more organic and intuitive with explosions of colours that are rooted in my impression of Poland, my home country.” she concludes

In contrast, ‘Free-form 1-3” adds warmth and balance to the show. The “Pre-natal memories” series presents abstract organic forms created through a more meditative yet laborious process of hand carving. In this section Durtan showcases wooden sculptures – a material she really loves to work with – which complement the colourful paintings.

So if you are living in the UAE or visiting for the New Year, do catch the artworks at: 
 Taksheel: House 10 in Al Fahidi District 
Date: 10th December- 6th January
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