When we #metD3

Spring evenings have their own charm in Dubai. You may not believe there could be spring in the desert, but there is. The one after the sandstorm, when it’s windy and cool and every one is in love with the hope of new beginnings. Just like Dubai Design District that put out its welcoming hand and opened its doors after months of dusty construction and some muffled hue and cry. Everybody was talking about it, though no one quite knew what it was going to be.

When I called my friend excitedly about my weekend plans to visit D3 he asked eagerly, “Is it where Designers will go and live?”


One wrong turn, a curious case of GPS later, we were at D3, feeling excited and a bit apprehensive all at the same time. Should we have come during the day? Is 7pm too late? 5 minutes later, we were kids in a candy store: “Oh look, a giant chalkboard wall! Oh look! Pretty Lights!”

Every corner lit up with music; a DJ here and a giant stage of trippy lights there, it was festive and exciting and “so cool.”


From giant graffiti by iconic street-artist OBEY to your very own Bubblegum Factory; D3 had everything for everyone. The Residence displayed fabulous fashion works of future tenants of the D3 Residency, while NOT JUST A LABEL basked in the glory of the UAE’s first 3D printed dress by Bint Thani.

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Life was good and time flew: 6:30 became 11:30 PM, we had eaten Mexican churros with chocolate, bought gorgeous tissue boxes and coffee cups with Arabic typography from Silsal Design House and became admirers of talents from Arabia. Rock bands, DJs, fashion designers, it was the perfect blend of the arts and fun, making it an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike. Finally just like in the alien movies, the lights of the stage drew us in.“Let me know when you want to leave, because I can stay here forever,” said my friend.

We had come home. We had found our new hangout, if this is going be D3, we will never been seen anywhere else. And just when we were gushing over the seamless organization of the event, it was time to leave and we were suddenly back in a park lot in the middle of Al Khail road, miles from home with no taxi in sight. “This bus leaves now and it takes you to Dubai Mall, that one will leave in 5 minutes and will take you Dubai World Trade Center.” So they thought of everything, because with an idea so good, it would be silly to look for a downer…. you could look, but we bet you would come back as fans too.



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