What is your favorite music genre?

Let’s rewind to when I was 10. I hated my Indian classical music lessons. But I loved listening to my Dad’s LPs and dancing with Mom to Daddy Cool. Saturday afternoons meant Eric Clapton and the Carpenters.

When I was 13, I knew every Backstreet song and was very sure I would marry Nick Carter. I even wrote to MTV pretending to be 16, and requested for their songs.
Well, we all know how that phase went. Soon after, you actually do turn 16, and discover Floyd, AC/DC, GnR (good thing I didn’t get that GnR tattoo though!) and spend some teen rage-filled years overplaying your Eminem cassettes.


Like everyone else, I found myself, all of 19, in the middle of a Roger Waters concert in a new city, with my aunt. That concert was as life changing as Floyd could possibly be.
Pink Floyd will always be my #1 band, even though I abandoned the band in my more adultier years because, tbh, it can be very heavy.

Welcome to my present. Please don’t make me choose a favorite genre. I love discovering new music. I have spent years walking the halls of SoundCloud and 8tracks (before it got blocked) finding underground, unknown artists. I have regrettably, never lived in a country where Pandora or Spotify has been available, for who knows what worlds would have opened up to me then.

This is how I see it. There are 2 kinds of new in this world: A new musical zygote that no one has ever heard of. Or an established track/artist that you chance upon. Even if it is a track released in 2004, if I discover it now, I will still play it on loop. Like that time when I discovered Massive Attack and Glitch Mob in 2012. Or the time I chanced upon Sons of Yusuf and Narcy at a local community concert. Both times, gave me incomparable joy.

This year, I had quite the obsession with Childish Gambino, before everyone started playing his music. (Seriously Redbone for days.)
Currently, I am fixating over Bishop Briggs. I may not have liked the new season of OITNB but the opening track of Bishop Briggs was its biggest gift to me. You are thinking am all about new and indie, but dear reader, am only all about music.

Check my YouTube history and you will see Mariah Carey’s Dream Lover, right next to Nicholas Jaar’s Lebanese Blonde. Come home and find me dancing with my cat to Stromae’s Tous Les Mêmes. Find me on a bad day, and find a silent tear rolling down my cheeks while listening to Floyd’s *Hey You*.


Please don’t make me choose a genre, my dad taught me that either music ran in your veins or it didn’t. And if you were lucky enough to find it flowing through you; know that you will never be alone.


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