How to Navigate through #MEETD3 like a PRO

You have already read about #MeetD3, it is Dubai Design District’s annual community event, in other words an explosion of art, food, music and other cool things for the whole family.

But we understand, it can be confusing, so we retraced our steps and created a perfect itinerary for you to catch it on it’s last day (10th December).

1. Plan to be there at around 5PM. It opens at 2PM and is on till 12AM. 5PM is great because you can see it in day and night-time which is great because the installations are beautiful.
2. Grab a bottle of water at the nearest food truck to stay hydrated.
3. Remember to enter all stores, shops. For example: OSMO by LOOP.PH is not outdoor, it’s inside one of the buildings in front of the Shrumen Lumen.
4. Let your kids play by the Shrumen Lumen which open and close slowly.
5. Get your face printed on a box at the Emirates Stand.

6. Catch local fashion designers at Capture D3 and Faux Consultancy. Capture D3 is the ongoing collaboration between D3 and Al Tayer Insignia’s collaboration, offering showcasing 19 local designers. Bungalow by Faux, is also an exciting new retail concept exhibiting 11 designers.
7. Listen the Broccoli and balloons at Ototo’s Playable Room
8. Enter Gif Paradise by Satwa3000
9. Let your kids run wild and find them again at all the many things created specially for them.
10. Grab Ice Latte at Nostalgia. Forget the diet and grab a slice of the date and chocolate cake too. (You will not regret it!)
11. Buy a box of the marbled chocolates at Nostalgia.
12. By now you would have reached the music arena.
13. Event guides are strewn about, so grab hold of one to see who is playing.
14. But your tummy is louder, then turn left and catch some delicious food and desserts.
15. Just before the food trucks, go left and find yourself running down a parking lot covered with MyNeandYours work. Click pictures because you deserve a new profile picture.
16. Go right and catch some more interactive activities and art.

Eat. Go home. Come back next year.
**Deets to Remember**

1. Today is the last day 10th December. It is on till 12AM
2. It will take you about 2 hours at the event.
3. Remember to take Al Khail to get there.
4. You can try this Careem code but it didn’t work for us and we are avid Careemers.
For the free first time user (up to AED 60 free travel), please use this code: Meetd3Free
For existing users (20% discount), please use this code: Meetd3

5. There is free WiFi at #MeetD3, don’t forget to use it for your Instagram stories.
6. RTA Taxis are easily available at the venue, so no worries about getting in or out if you don’t drive
7. Enjoy!

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