Quoz Arts Fest by Alserkal Avenue

With a show of hands, tell us how many of you attended Quoz Art Fest in Alserkal Avenue last weekend?

Ok now, with a show of hands, tell us how many of you wanted to go but were too lazy to trek to Al Quoz. We won’t get mad, we promise. We will tell you anyway how much fun it was, how many dogs we met and some humans too.

Our little art and craft community that gathers at Al Serkal during these weekends have almost started to feel like home.
The weather got most of us out, and the dogs too. After all, how many events in Dubai can you take the furry friends to?

Quoz Arts Fest set its own pace with the full list of events including poetry readings, dance performances, bands, chocolate workshops, art workshops and so much more. We came for the special performances and stayed for the galleries.

We met budding Picassos, Hemingways  and then some.

We came home with a strong determination to re-write the forgotten journal entry, fuel the creative fires; the inspiration had struck! This is why we wait for weekends like these. To gather around our own kind. Ditch the dress code and high heels and meetings in skyscrapers.

It is a welcome respite when we all know the steel and grey city skyline can sometimes get stressful, and every one deserves to take a break, dress down into shorts and slippers and come say hi to some dogs and some colorful people; the art is just accidental.

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