Shortlisted Entry: A Rusty Fetish

“My mother will love you”, he’d mumbled into my lips, the first time we kissed.

We’d been dating only for a few weeks. I smiled and kissed him harder. After all the crappy guys I’d been with, it felt nice to finally have something serious. As I got to know him better I realized he was overly attached to his mother. It was adorable at first, but slowly started creeping me out. Almost all our make out sessions would abruptly end because he needed to go see her and most of our date nights, he’d spend talking about her. “Mother usually doesn’t like red but I’m sure she’d change her mind if she saw you now”, he’d said to me once, when I’d worn a lacy red dress to dinner. But the weird thing was, he never got any calls or texts from her but I never allowed myself to think about it.
I convinced myself that I was over thinking and let myself get used to this strange attribute of his. One evening, as I walked out of my office, I saw his black sedan parked in front. I got into the passenger seat and kissed him briefly. “How come?”, I asked gesturing to the car. He’d never picked me up before. “I want to introduce you to mom today”, he smiled.
I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. Everything was normal after all.  We drove a couple miles and stopped in front of a small house in an empty street. He opened the door and I tried not to gag as a metallic rusty smell hit my nose.  The place looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months. He guided me towards the kitchen, and the smell grew stronger.
I walked inside and froze when I saw her. My blood ran cold and all my muscles tightened. Her body lay slumped on the chair in a pool of brown blood, which was now dry. Her face was disfigured and rotten and her eyes held a horrified stare. The stench was too much to take. A shiver ran down my spine as I heard his voice behind me. “Mother wants us to join her”, he said as he reached for the kitchen knife.

Art Credit: Lovers (1), Jarek Puczel, Saatchi Art.

Author: Jayamadure S, Bangalore, India.
Find her @jayamadure

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