Stocking Stuffers 2016: Under 100$

If you are gearing up to buy your loved ones something fun this year, then this curated wishlist is a go-to. Sure, you can forget all about it and land up with a bottle of Sparkling Date Drink last minute, but we all know how that will make you look.

It’s that time of the year, when us folks in the sandpit, can actually step out of the air conditioning for more than 10 seconds and not get roasted. Mood gets better and in general life, looks more hopeful. Winter is Dubai’s spring. And nothing better to welcome the dip in temperatures than a fun list of stocking stuffers. Your family and friends deserve unicorns and cool breezes, and considering the long summer they just survived and the number of times you bothered them with your late night existential crises, they deserve to get a little spoilt.

Enjoy these goodies from UAE-based companies and say proudly:
I am Dxb (hipster Dubai) (and I like gifts under 100$)


  1. This lady hipster phone cover winking right back at you by (Fatima Al Mulla) from her e-store here for 27$.


2. For the friend who is a closet-rocker dude and then some. Here’s the Iraq-A-Fella skateboard for 68$ from Dubai-based @anthlgy (Anthlgy). P.S. Its limited edition and the proceeds go to medical care of children, that’s a hat-rick win!



3. For the friend who deserves their caffeine kick, hand them a couple of bottles of these, and spread the good vibes. @sevenfortunes speaks to our souls. Get their Costa Rican pack for 25$ here.


4. For the friend who braved through NoShaveNovember like the star that he is, ring in December with this collection of organic beard oils by @organicbeardco (Organic Beard Co.) . Pick up a bottle for only 27$ at their online store here.


5. This awesome wall clock by @kangkengkingkongkung (Kris Kang) our very own reclusive featured illustrator extradoinnaire for 30$.


6. For your favorite cousin, these gourmet bars of chocolate goodness will secure your future cousin goals. @mirzamchocolate is on Instagram and Al Serkal Avenue though we couldn’t find an e-store.



7. For the friend who survived all 3 of your last break-ups, buy her two magical books of words by our favorite Poetess  @danabellegutierrez (Danabelle.) You can pick it up on Amazon for only 30$!


8. For your better half’s parents, buckle up and act grown up with these stylish cups by @silsaldesignhouse. Find them on their e-store for only 11$ each.


9. For the friend who encouraged you to get your first and last mohawk, regrets are a thing of the past. Get her a fancy rug that is made for her gypsy soul for only 50$. Check out @nomadsdubai e-store.


10. For the co-worker who was unfortunately placed in front of that blank wall, give him something to stare at for only 18$ from @drawdeck.


11. And finally for yourself for surviving this apocalypse of a year. Make 2017 colorful with this box of 80s certified Sharpies from @thegoodstuffae for only 40$.


We are ‘gifted’ spies. We set two criteria: contestants needed to be Dubai-based and they needed to have online stores. Voila!

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