Shortlisted Entry: The Artist and the Crow

He, the artist, stroked the stubble on his chin. The dimly lit room shook. Or maybe it was in his head, he was not sure. He was certain of the unmistakable pounding that made his head spin.

He gazed, a disinterested gaze, at his canvas. On the canvas, a meticulous painting of a conservatory, with rich, vibrant colors formed the various oak trees and shrubbery and small modest animals that occupied the greenhouse. There was an abrupt knocking on the door, the artist, yearning for a distraction, raced to get it. As his hand brushed against the knob twisting, he realized there was no one on the other side except a crow. The dark creature seated itself expectantly on the welcome mat. The bewildered artist was taken aback by such a presence.
Using this to his advantage, the crow let himself in. He navigated through the slender hallway of the artists apartment as though he had lived there for many years. The proprietor followed in confusion, thinking if it were a message, the gods would have sent a jay or a magpie, only out of appropriation. The dark animal situated himself on the arm of the bluest thing in the whole apartment. The blue ottoman. The blue ottoman that happened to stare directly at the artists work. The artist immediately felt a deep sincere panic, as the corvus gaped at the conservatory, determination struck in its beady black eyes. Before, there was any time to help the matter, the bird dived head first into a palette of black paint, it flapped its now elongated wings and cried out a call of terror “Cawwwwww..” then leaped into the piece. The artist grimaced, screwing his eyes shut, as he waited for all his efforts to be disregarded. When he slowly opened them again, his canvas was in one piece and the crow was gone. As he took a step closer to the painting, he saw the indisputable bird flaring its wings across the greenhouse.
 Art Credit: Painting by benisjamin, Deviantart.
Author: Neel Khudhar, Dubai
Find him at @kneeldownn

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