What it feels like to Live in a Giant Theme Park

Picture a regular day at the beach. Sure, you have your deck chairs, families putting on their sunscreen and making sure the kids are slathered from head to foot in spray, cream and whatnot.

Then picture a huge kid’s bouncy castle in the middle of the sea. Kids are hopping around on it, while teenagers dive off the edge. A few jet skiers whoosh across doing tricks, while fly boarders hover above this world, balancing on a thin stream of the ocean.

Looking up at Dubai

No you’re not in a crazy band’s drug-induced, mind-blowing album cover. You’re in Dubai, the city of sensory overloads. And how.


Nothing is attention-grabbing enough. Because in Dubai, larger than life is the norm. Sure you can go clubbing anywhere…but in Dubai, clubbing comes with trapeze artists, circus performers, midgets and fire-eaters. No big event is complete without a 20-minute firework display, the most bedazzling one you would ever witness. Theme parks here are not content with rollercoasters – it has to be THE fastest rollercoaster. While some even recreate the whole world – complete with shopping, eating and performances from every corner of the globe.


And for the residents of Dubai, jewellery gets shinier and SUVs get bigger. It’s all about rotating restaurants and infinity-shaped buildings and daylong yacht parties. The average Dubai resident enjoys more luxury than they could ever think of in their home countries and the ‘holiday life’ becomes a daily thing. While the Dubai police roam the streets in nothing less than Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys.


So what do you do when you’ve done it all? When you’ve built the tallest building in the world standing proud like a beacon? When you’ve got the world’s most fabulous 7 star hotels and mind-blowing residential skyscrapers? You build more of course! Enclosed, fully air-conditioned cities, larger, greener parks and islands in the shape of palm trees. Bridges over land and under water and bigger and better themed cities.


And of course the archipelago recreating the whole world. Because that’s what Dubai has conquered.


Here’s remembering the winter that is from a long way from coming.

Shaista is a copywriter who specialises in writing biographies that sound clever. As she does this for a living, she’s not about to spend a lot of time doing hers.

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