The Single Non-Muslim’s Guide to Ramadan : GO ON A DIET

This summer, if you are in town and find your life rendered meaningless after the Game of Thrones finale that shocked the world and  Jurassic World  that can only be re-watched that many times, pick up yourself and make this about you: in a Bridget Jones kinda way.

This is my first Ramadan in the city; who in their right mind would want to stay in the city in this heat? I am not a Muslim so fear gripped me as the month approached. I couldn’t even lose myself into work; after all the working hours have dwindled into a handful, the clients are on vacation and business has packed up shop and migrated to the Himalayas for the summer.

So I decided, why not revolutionise all this time I have on my hand and got onto one of hardest diets of all time.

It is called The Cambridge Diet, it’s UK based, located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to the Dubai Mall metro station and it’s pretty much starving yourself to death or skinny (whichever comes first)

You can google them but I am not hear to talk about them as much as I am here to talk about my own experience. I started a month ago and I still have 3 months to go!

What is it really?

  1. It’s got a heritage, it’s scientifically formulated and it’s UK based. Basically, you eat/drink their food for your 3 meals and drink at least 2.5-3 ltrs of water.
  2. This puts your body on starvation mode: ketosis which is when your body starts burning it’s own fat since it is getting no outside sugar to burn.
  3. When an average person is supposed to consume a minimum of 1200 calories, this diet gives you only 440 calories a day. But their food is packed with minerals and vitamins so that your hair, skin and organs function smoothly.
  4. You don’t put on everything after you have gone off, because they start introducing real food and weaning you off their food so your body adjusts fine.
  5. It’s cheap! It’s 273AED for a week, which is probably how much you spend on Friday night ‘dinner with the girls.’


Side Effects:

  1. Everyone telling you how it is the worst thing you could do, how you should just ‘exercise’ and ‘eat healthy.’
  2. While you will suffer the first week because of hunger pangs and a violent physical reaction from your body demanding why all the KFC and burgers are not coming in lately; holding on is a great option because yes, you are right, it gets better.
  3. Your skin improves because after all you are what you eat.
  4. You don’t have to drag yourself to a treadmill because gyms are evil and it’s no fun for a fat person to have a near death experience only to realise you have lost 500 calories.
  5. You don’t sweat like a footballer every time you walk 500 ft in this heat.
  6. Most importantly, you learn to listen to your body. It’s crazy I know, and I have no explanation for this but to say I feel like for the first time in 29 years, I can hear my body or talk to it or understand it better.
  7. It teaches you discipline. Trust me, willpower was not a thing I possessed till this happened.

I was a 102 kilos when I began, I lost 10 kilos in a month, I am on my second month where I am allowed protein, so I can eat fish or chicken or steak along with the three meals and most importantly, I have learnt not to give a rat’s behind to other people’s opinion about my life and my body and what I wish to do with it.


This is not a post to tell you to choose this diet, the idea is to use this time you have and do something cool. Maybe a gym membership if that’s your thing, or some other diet, whatever you like really.

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