Of Horse and Human: World Polo Championship, NSW

Standing in the Sydney Polo Club Marquee, I became an enthusiastic witness to one of the most memorable event of 2017, as Argentina remains the triumphant winner of the XI FIP World Polo Championship in Richmond, New South Wales, Australia. At this moment, all I could think of is the famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan and it says: “Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of the kings.”

Polo was played by the Indian Maharajas across the subcontinent and in UK, as it gained momentum in Australia. This historic team sport has also influenced artists and their creations and World Polo Championship art exhibition by Selina Hitches is a true testimony to such influence.

XI FIP World Polo Championship in Sydney saw polo players like the Maharaja of Jaipur, HH Padmanabh Singh of India, Henry Porter of UK and Australian captain Jack Archibald showcasing their polo playing talents, as artists at the exhibition equally adding flare of artistic expressions to showcase the bond between the horse and human while highlighting the challenging moments and celebrating the rewarding game.



The art exhibition was a wonderland where artists expresses their imaginations through their creations. The exhibition was a true testimony to polo world

as artist like Anwen Keeling’s painting represented her beloved horse. While artist like Amber Martin’s master stroke and playfulness with colour has created a moment that represent the fast, the furious and alliance between horse and human. and Evert Ploeg ’s oil sketch highlighted the colour, the smell and the kinetic energy of a polo event. There were plenty of other artists who work included paintings and sculptures.

This art exhibition, definitely added a new dimension to my love for polo and I only wish such art exhibitions to become a common practice at polo events across Australia and aboard.


Indranil Halder
Indy Halder lives and loves in the beautiful city of Sydney. His passions include writing about art and culture from Australia, Polo and so much more.


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